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Spatia Tour

We offer all year round nature tours in Bulgaria
License TO: 03098
Central Office
София, Болгария
Slaveikov square 2, floor 2, app. 3
Tel.: +359 2 986 12 12
Fax: +359 2 986 12 12

We believe that

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitats are important to the quality of human life
  • The experience of wildlife enriches our life, revealing to us the complicity and wonder of our world
  • There are important emotional and social reasons why humans need to experience wildlife and nature in different ways and in different sites and seasons
  • Experience of wildlife is one of the best ways of recreation in our modern stressful world and it is very important to human spiritual and physical health
  • Wildlife viewing and wildlife related tourism can provide significant economic, social and conservation benefit to local communities, wildlife species and their habitats
  • Working closely with wildlife in Bulgaria we are able to provide our guests with high quality guidance and interpretation;

Our mission

  • To promote and enhance wildlife viewing and nature appreciation for the benefits of the whole society
  • To elevate awareness, understanding and support for the conservation of Bulgarian wildlife
  • To promote quality wildlife related recreation and tourism with minimal impact on the wildlife and the environment
  • To work for conservation of Bulgarian native plants and animals in their natural habitats
  • To provide a high quality wildlife viewing experience both for Bulgarian residents and foreign tourists
  • Our main goal is to do our best to ensure that our guests have a wildlife experience in Bulgaria that they will never forget

Why wildlife viewing in Bulgaria

  • Our country is small but one of the richest in Europe of biodiversity
  • The great variety of habitats, from the sea level up to 2925 m. provides an excellent environment conditions for 3500 higher plant species (320 of which are endemic), 81 species of mammals and more than 400 species of birds
  • The system of protected areas is well developed and covers about 4.5% of the country’s territory
  • The fact that we have healthy populations of brown bear (about 700) and wolf (800-1000) proves that Bulgaria is a country where you can really feel the spirit of wild nature.

About Spatia tour Ltd.

Bulgarian tour operator (License 03098), has been established in 1997 in Sofia. According to the aims and ideas of its staff, Spatia tour since the beginning has been offering and organizing conceptual tourist packets in two main directions Wildlife and eco-tours, and Cultural tourism.

Being open to any kind of demand and innovation, we are trying to enlarge the range of our activities and quality of service.

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