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Galatea 2002

Central Office
София, Болгария
124 Tzar Boris III Blvd.
Tel.: +359 2 955 92 32, 955 43 27
Fax: +359 2 856 11 65

The social policy of the Metropolitan Municipality is an inseparable part of the complete working plan of the Municipal Council. The part which is devoted to children’s and students’ rest is strongly emphasized.

Galatea 2002, a municipal firm, is engaged with the realization of this important task. The predominant percent of the association work consists of managing, renovation and maintaining the resting bases and tourism for the children of the capital.

The firm realizes the organization of the winter and summer rest for the children and students of Sofia and other parts of the country for another third season. It also develops and improves the seminar tourism, public nutrition and hotel management. With that aspect, Galatea 2002 is desired and wanted partner in providing the rest of Bulgarians as well as foreigners.

The holiday babes of the Metropolitan Municipality, renovated by Galatea 2002 are able to provide wonderful sport facilities, mountain tourism and amusement activities in the most beautiful parts of the Balkan mountains, the Rila mountain, the Black Sea and the Iskar reservoir. The children are provided with good and safe conditions for education, educational activities and games.

Our hotels, camps and bungalows are situated in the most beautiful parts of Bulgaria. At the same time, children and students of Sofia get tanned and entertained in Shabla, Biala, Obzor, Sarafovo, Irakli, Lozenetz.

Apart from the seaside, some of the bases are set up in the Balkan mountains and the Rila mountain – Barzia, Dolna bania, Mala tzarkva, Cherni osam, Etropole and Starkelovo gnezdo (Stork nest) – in the Iskar reservoir.

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